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Kingfish carpaccio, black sesame, truffle salt, chives & squid ink aioli

I have a real weakness for raw fish. The love affair began in about 2000 when my sister and a girlfriend of mine would head to Byron Bay for "sushi nights". This revolved around a pretty structured ritual of raw tuna for dinner, gelato and dreaming of the sparkling jewels in Ixtlan ~ the most gorgeous jewellery store, which we'd all fallen in love with. I loved those nights together on multiple levels. After tuna, I fell in love with raw salmon and then again with kingfish. After years of enjoying sashimi, tartare and eventually carpaccio styles of raw fish dishes, I am lucky enough to have the Sydney Fish Markets on my doorstep, which means I've been able to experiment with quite a few dishes from the high quality sashimi grade fish available. Eventually I will share many of these with you all, but here I'll share one of the most delicious and interesting carpaccio's I've put together. You'll love how easy this is to create yourself. Not only is it full of flavour, but it's really beautiful to present too. INGREDIENTS Ensure the fish you purchase is SASHIMI GRADE. If it's not, then give the dish a miss. Quality is important for health and taste. Use a large flat platter for this recipe. CARPACCIO Sashimi grade kingfish, sliced thinly (a piece approximately 10-15cm long will serve an appetiser for 4-6 people) GARNISH Garlic clove, peeled, sliced in half once Chives, sliced into tiny pieces Lemon zest Garlic oil Black sesame seeds Truffle salt SQUID INK AIOLI 3-4 sachets of squid ink (approximately 1 teaspoon) 4 tablespoons garlic aioli METHOD 1. Make the squid ink aioli by mixing both ingredients together. If it isn't black enough for your liking, add a little more. Refrigerate until needed. 2. Rub the surface of the platter with the cut garlic clove to "flavour" the base of the dish. Drizzle a small amount of the garlic oil across the surface of the platter. 3. Arrange the slices of kingfish over the platter. Sprinkle the fish with the black sesame seeds, lemon zest, and chives. Drizzle another small amount of the garlic oil on top. 4. Dollop the squid ink aioli to the side of the kingfish and sprinkle the fish with the truffle salt just before serving.

I love to serve this dish as something to share from the middle of the table. Little oyster forks or chops sticks are perfect! The only problem is the fights that usually break out over the final piece. I say the chef should always win that fight!!!

WINE SUGGESTION A chilled champagne or sparkling white wine would be perfect for this dish as a starter. If you're making it on a larger scale as more of an entree or part of a main course, pair it with a crisp white like a dry Riesling.

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