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My beautiful mum  Mary-Anne Wilson 1957-2010

There never was a more amazing woman ... or a better laugh.





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In the beginning...


I have been contemplating a foodie blog for quite some time.


I shared a love of fabulous food and wine, travelling, cooking and eating, with my wonderful mum, Mary-Anne, who I devastatingly lost to breast cancer on the 5th of May 2010. I will always cherish the memories of the joy we shared flicking through the crisp new pages of a delicious., Gourmet Traveller, Good Taste or Donna Hay magazine each month; or the excitement we experienced in finding a new recipe, before rushing to call one another to discuss exactly what we planned to cook. Even better, of course, were the times we were able to share recipes and cook together in the same kitchen.


I now have an empty place in my heart. A place where everything we looked forward to as a family used to be. I cannot ever replace much of that space, but rather than leaving it hollow I intend to help fill a part of it by sharing these loves, which I would have shared with mum, with all of you.


The entries I leave will hopefully inspire all who read my posts to enjoy everything food brings to our lives; good produce, good cooking, good eating, good wine, great travel experiences, even better company and most of all LOVE, which of course, brings it all together.

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