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Dinner Party Inspiration - Spring Garden Party

Spring has now well and truly sprung here in Sydney. The days are getting longer and the weather is warmer with every day.

Everything feels like it is coming back to life; the perfect time to enjoy it all with a glass of bubbles, some music and this gorgeous dinner party. A celebration of new blooms, growing gardens, fresh produce and the sun's warmth.

This week's Dinner Party Post was a breeze to put together as I am easily inspired by Spring. Just the mention of a spring dinner party and my mind goes threw catalogued images of perfectly roasted, juicy lamb and fresh greens. I start dreaming of strawberries, of goats curd, herbs and lemons.

This dinner party is sure to impress with both its food and beauty. I hope you have time to make it come to life for yourself and your friends!

The Inspiration


The most exciting part of putting together a spring dinner is the decorating. With so many gorgeous blooms beginning to pop up in stores and markets my creative mind has gone into overdrive.

Tablescapes and decorations focused on garden greens with accents of bright flowers, white flowers, pink flowers and twinkling fairy lights will create the perfect Spring Garden Party backdrop.

Use plain whites and natural colours as a backing to your table and general dinner space before layering your chosen decorations in greens and florals. This will help everything spring to life.

To create a more glamourous feel to your party consider adding some gold and glitter to your space by using different vases and some sparkling accessories.

Using a mix of old bottles and jars is a fantastic way to displays blooms for your dinner

party, or throughout your home in general.

Not only do they look good, but it's a cost effective way to create tablescapes and is a great way to recycle.

Thread some flowers onto string and hang from a tree, fence or even your clothes line to create this flower curtain effect.

Used as a decoration of for a photobooth wall, this will look gorgeous in any outdoor area!

Despite the image above coming from a wedding inspiration page, the idea of using your brown paper as a place setting is brilliant!

Record the menu, names or even a quote to suit your garden theme!

Whether you're using linen or paper napkins, a small piece of rosemary looks beautiful

and will tie in your the roast lamb element of dinner to the tablescape.

Floral Ice Buckets or Floral Ice Cubes are a gorgeous way to add some additional beauty to your party. (images via The Sunday Chapter)

The Appetiser

Serrano-Wrapped Pears with Goats Cheese (recipe by BBC Good Food)

Buckwheat Blinis (recipe by Tipple & Fodder)

CHEATS TIP: You can buy pre-made blinis in most supermarkets. Top them with creme fraiche and lumpfish roe or smoked salmon and finely chopped chives.

The Main Course

NOTE: If you cannot source watermelon radishes, simply use general radishes.

The Dessert

This week you have a choice of 2 desserts.

Both are based on balsamic strawberries. Pick the dessert that best suits the weather and your timeframe!

CHEATS TIP: You can use a store bought sponge cake if using this dessert option to make preparation even easier.

The Wine

For nibbles go with a light prosecco. The pears and blinis will go perfectly with this.

With the roast lamb a light red will be perfect. For this dinner party, I'd suggest a grenache or grenache blend. Those of you who love Pinot Noir will enjoy a grenache. It is a light to medium bodied wine and often displays berry characteristics that will work a treat with this Spring Garden Party dinner.

Below are some of the options available via the link here on Dan Murphy's.

Grant Burge The Holy Trinity Grenache Shiraz Mourvedre

Yalumba Old Bush Grenache

The Organisation

If making the floral ice buckets or ice cubes, start a day or two ahead. Follow the link (The Sunday Chapter) to see additional examples for inspiration and then google further for instructions.

Other decorations can be made the day before or the morning of your dinner party to allow time for you to prepare food without stress.

The blinis can be made a day ahead if you are making them from scratch. Allow them to cool and store in an airtight container overnight.

If you choose to make the Ricotta Ice Cream with Balsamic Strawberries, the ice cream/gelato element can be make the night before or early on the morning of your dinner party. The sponge cake will need to be made the day of the dinner party if you have selected that dessert, unless you've decided to use a store bought sponge instead.

Toast the breadcrumbs the night before and seal in another airtight container.

On the day of the party, chill all champagne and wine.

Prepare the citrus dressing for the Carpaccio of Watermelon Radishes, place in a jar and set aside to use before serving.

Slice strawberries, cover and set aside. Do not marinate until necessary. Whip the cream for the sponge cake, if using that dessert recipe, cover and place in the fridge.

Make the Serrano-Wrapped Pears with Goats Cheese and place in the fridge until ready to serve. The blinis can be assembled when ready to serve alongside these.

Prepare the lamb chops, by beating flat, cover and set aside in the fridge.

Make the vinaigrette element of the lamb chops and set aside in a bowl. You will stir the breadcrumbs through before serving.

Everything else relating to food need to be done before serving/cooking. Spend the last 30 minutes before you plan to get ready, setting your table with vases/jars, flowers and place settings. Tie the flower curtain up, ensure your fairy lights are good to go and then relax and get beautiful!

As guests arrive, put wine into the floral ice buckets, or pop floral ice cubes into the ice bucket you're using. Assemble the blinis and place on a wooden board or platter and enjoy your night.

The Preparation


My Dinner Party Inspiration posts use some of my own recipes and photos, but also some recipes and images from blogs or sites I personally find inspirational. I in no way claim the work as my own and reference all recipes and photos by linking them all back to their original website.

Follow @tippleandfodder on Instagram for more inspiration to tickle your tastebuds.

If you have any variations or recipes you'd like me to feature, please pop onto Instagram and follow @tippleandfodder to leave suggestions on my posts, or send me an email letting me know what recipe you'd love to see on the blog.

Follow me on Instagram and Facebook for recipes, dinner parties and as I eat my way around Sydney's Inner West and beyond! All Blog previews will be advertised via Instagram.

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