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Prawn Burgers with Mango Salsa and Habanero Mayonnaise


They're everywhere and we all love them. Instagram is 'burger-mad' with images of crazy indulgent burgers popping up all over the place. Layers and layers of patties, cheese and sauce dripping down the sides.

The brioche buns I have sitting on my bench have been staring at me for over a day.

The problem with my original burger plan is that the weather has warmed up this weekend. Instead of beef burgers I have decided to create the perfect burger for summer. The idea came to me half way to the Sydney Fish Markets on a mission to fulfill a seafood craving, brought on by the beautiful weather.

The thought of prawns got me thinking of something a little different for our burger fix. Something that was the perfect taste of a beachside summer and merged prawns along with everyone's favourite takeaway of the moment; a burger.

My Prawn Burger concept started to take form.

Eventually, after wandering through the Sydney Fish Markets and into Blackwattle Deli and through the produce at Waterside Fruit Connection a few ideas floated around my mind and I eventually settled on the final plan; Prawn Burgers with Mango Salsa and Habanero Mayonnaise.

I think these burgers are absolutely fantastic. The combination of prawns, citrus, spice and the sweetness of mango are the perfect summer match and as the weather continues to warm up I can definitely see myself having these a few times!

Give them a go and serve them to your family and friends after a day of swimming, sand and sun!


Serves 4


4 brioche buns

olive oil spray

Olive oil for cooking

2 little gems, or 2 cups of sliced cos lettuce

2 radishes, finely sliced

Habanero Mayonnaise (I used Roza's Habanero Chilli Mayonnaise)

Mango Salsa

1 ripe, but firm mango

1 ripe, but firm avocado

1/2 red onion, finely diced.

1 lime

1/2 cup fresh coriander, chopped

1/4 green chilli, deseeded, finely diced

Prawn Patties

500g green prawns, unpeeled

1 peeled, chopped garlic clove

2 tablespoons chives, chopped

2 tablespoons coriander, chopped

2 shallots, white only, finely chopped

Zest from half a lemon

1/4 cup bread crumbs

salt and pepper


1. Prawn Patties (Steps 1-3 and 6) - Peel and devein the prawns and divide into thirds. Use a knife the chop a third of the prawns into medium-fine pieces (approx 5mm pieces) and set aside in a glass or ceramic bowl.

2. Place the remaining two thirds of the prawns into a food processor with the garlic and a good pinch of salt. Process quickly until the mix resembles a rough 'mince'. Be careful not to over process.

3. Put the processed prawn mixture into the bowl of chopped prawn meat along with the chives, coriander, shallots, lemon zest, breadcrumbs and season to taste. Fold the ingredients together gently, until well combined. Use your hands to create 4 prawn patties not less than 1cm think and set them on a plate, lined with baking paper. Cover and refrigerate.

4. Mango Salsa (Step 4) - Peel and deseed both the mango and avocado. Dice the flesh of both into roughly 5mm-1cm chunks. Toss the mango and avocado with the coriander, chilli and a squeeze of the lime juice in a glass or ceramic bowl. Set aside for serving.

5. Cooking of Brioche Buns and Prawn Patties - Preheat your oven to 130 degrees celsius. Heat a griddle pan or fry pan on the stove to a medium high heat. Open the brioche buns and spray the cut sides with olive oil. Place the buns cut side down into the pan and sear. Remove the buns to a tray and place in the oven to keep warm.

6. Add some olive oil to the pan and cook the prawn patties until just firm and starting to brown lightly. Remove from pan to drain on a some absorbent paper.

To Serve - Spread the cut sides of the burger buns with the habanero mayo. Place a prawn patty on each brioche bun base, top with the mango salsa, lettuce and the top bun. Enjoy!


If you plan on matching your Prawn Burgers with a wine, grab a bottle of semillon, as it works perfectly with seafood. You could also try a bottle of dry riesling.

Being a burger, they would also go well with a chilled beer or cider.

Whatever you choose, you're going to love this meal. The perfect way to end a beach weekend in my books!

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