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Christmas Sangria with 5 Seeds Cider

What’s Christmas without a festive drink in hand?

Every celebration needs a deliciously refreshing cocktail or punch as part of a hot Australian Christmas feast. There’s no doubt about it, and even better if it fits right into the festive Christmas theme.

I’ve been a long time lover of sangria and after being gifted a few bottles of the new 5 Seeds Lower Sugar Cider I began dreaming up a Christmassy twist on the original that would be sure to please everyone’s palates on Christmas Day.

This sangria is full of flavour, fresh, fruity and festive all in one. It’s easy to put together and you can substitute other berries you find in store to tickle your fancy.

Using cider in place of wine gives the sangria a zesty summery kick and believe me, it will make everyone happy!

The best thing about 5 Seeds Lower Sugar Cider is the refreshing zingy flavour. It’s not too sweet, isn’t filled with artificial flavours and tastes more like a glass of bubbles, making it perfect for my Christmas Sangria recipe.

Read more about this and other 5 Seeds products on their website by clicking here.

Buzz on down to your local Dan Murphy’s, BWS or Liquorland to grab a few of 5 Seeds delish ciders and make this for your celebration.


Ensure you have a large jug or punch bowl for serving.


2 chilled bottles 5 Seeds Lower Sugar Cider 1/3 cup Cointreau 1L Bickfords pomegranate juice, no added sugar (or similar) 1 navel orange, juiced 1 navel orange, thinly sliced 1 green apple, thinly sliced 3-4 cups of ice cubes 1 pomegranate (jewels only) 1 punnet raspberries 6-8 strawberries, sliced 6 sprigs of fresh mint METHOD 1. Add the pomegranate jewels, sliced orange, apple, raspberries, strawberries and mint to a jug. 2. Pour in the orange juice and Cointreau. 3. Add the ice and top with the pomegranate juice. 4. Finally, pour the 2 bottles of cider on top. Stir gently and serve!

Everyone is guaranteed to love this one!


The 5 Seeds Lower Sugar Cider was a gift to Tipple & Fodder and I have chosen to share my recipe for Christmas Sangria simply because it tastes and looks perfect for Christmas and I know you'll all love it.

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