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Zumbaron Day 2017

It's here again! One of the most magical days of crazy confectionary couture in the Sydney calendar; Zumbaron Day.

This year though it's hitting us a lot earlier than the usual November date as Adriano has chosen to amalgamate the day with World Macaron Day. Sunday 19th March 2017.

With 60 delish flavours available it has proven to be decision-making overload for me, and I've failed. Miserably. With intentions of grabbing a small tasting selection, I've walked away with half the store. Almost. Not quite. Feels like it though. No regrets!

Waking up early proved to be the best decision I've made all week. Walking up the stairs I was nervous as I anticipated a ridiculous line up. As luck would have it, I was one of only 6 other early birds. Perfect!

The range of Zumbarons looked amazing, filling the entire front display cabinets from left to right. A rainbow of flavours before my eyes. Where to start? I grabbed the order form, making life easy and moved through it ticking flavours and selecting quantities (maybe increasing a few!) as I cross referenced names with images and the real deal in front of my very eyes. It couldn't have been easier.

The 60 flavours for Zumbaron Day 2017

Aren't they pretty!

We then lined up and handed over the order form, watching the staff fill those little boxes and add a few more flavours as I saw more enticing things moving down the line. It couldn't be helped... The pile of 'Golden Champagne Showers' was too blinging pretty to resist!

The flavours are crazy upon reading them alone, but seeing them in person is completely mindboggling! They're so beautiful. As a foodie and home cook myself I truly admire the work behind making them, as mine are usually a disaster. A tasty disaster, but still a mess! These are pure perfection.

To our surprise we also ended up with a gift bag, being one of the first 80 customers. It is filled with a few of the Adriano Zumbo packet mixes, caramel nut popcorn and chocolates. I can't wait to bake these over the coming weeks. They are brilliant and such a fabulous little perk to the macarons we are already excited about.

We picked our final Zumbaron flavours from around a third of what was on offer. It's hard not to choose one of each, but there's only two of us so we picked out our top few options. It was tough!

Here are the flavours we went with:

1. Baklava vs Turkish Delight

2. Caramelised Garlic Bread

Just like a garlicky parmesan toasted bread from Sizzler! Brought back a few memories.

3. Caramelised White Choc & Cherry

4. Caramello Koala at a Twix

Cute, right!

Whoops! Not so cute now. Tipple & Fodder ate a 'Caramello Koala ate a Twix'!

5. Espresso Martini

Yum! So smooth and perfect

6. Hazelnut Praline & Miso Caramel

This was a giant umami punch to the taste buds. I loved it!

7. Jam Donut

8. Passionfruit

9. Pina Colada

Like sipping cocktails in a pool. I always love this one.

10. Rose Smoked Bacon

11. Salted Black Truffle Butter Caramel

I was busting to try this one!

OMG! It is UNBELIEVABLE! My favourite ever Zumbaron.

12. Salted Butter Popcorn

Delish. A classic for a reason.

13. Ultimate Brownie

14. Watermelon & Strawberry

15. Yuzu Japanese Cheesecake

All of them are amazing and the smell of the Salted Black Truffle Butter Caramel Zumbaron is so intoxicating. That is my favourite so far. I'm a sucker for truffles.

Our haul is a big one, but I'm sure it will keep us from starving.

At least for today anyway!

If you're lucky enough to be able to experience these Zumbarons today in Sydney or Melbourne, head to Zumbo, The Star by 10pm and the South Yarra store by 7pm.

Otherwise head to any of the amazing Zumbo stores and cafes on any given day to sample the smaller rotating selection they always have available. It's just one of those foodie things you've got to do.

They're truly amazing.



The Star

80 Pyrmont Street

Pyrmont NSW


Sometimes we're disappointed by foodie finds that are surrounded with a bit of 'hype', but Adriano Zumbo's cafes and patisseries have the goods. You won't be disappointed. If you miss Zumbaron Day, go for the multitude of other delicious treats and a smaller selection of his zumbarons any other day. Yum!


Varied, but affordable and generally comparative to most other patisseries.


Not necessary. Roll in and take home.

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