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Dinner Party Inspiration - Dinner from the Darkside

A throwback to Dinner from the Darkside; Halloween for Foodies. This is the Halloween party for the foodies among us who aren't all that interested in dressing up, but still like any excuse to have a good time, eat good food and drink great wine. That's pretty much all of us isn't it?

This Dinner Party Inspiration post was created by me to entertain my lovely friends last year and it went down a treat... or maybe it went down a "trick or treat" (insert sarcastic laugh here).

Instead of being inspired by not-so-unique dead body parts; brains and eyeballs, that grace the tables of many parties over Halloween, I took inspiration from something more simple; the colour black.

Every part of the dinner party was inspired by black food. Charcoal wafers, black waxed cheddar, squid ink and blackberries. Most importantly though, it was delicious.

For this post, all links for the recipes will take you to pages from within my blog, unlike my usual Dinner Party Inspiration posts which usually go into detail and take you to other sources of inspiration.

Start HERE with the party overview and then follow the recipe links throughout this blog post below.

This really is a great night to create at home with friends and was a heap of fun when I put it together in 2015.

Click HERE for my "Halloween Dinner Party Inspiration: Dinner from the Darkside" pinboard on Pinterest. All pins are focused on creating a foodie inspired black dinner party.

I hope you get some great ideas from this week's Dinner Party Inspiration (DPI) post and even more through my Halloween board on Pinterest. I'd love to see your dinners parties come to life, so please share your photos with me on my Facebook page or with me on Instagram by tagging @tippleandfodder and #dinnerpartyinspiration_tippleandfodder!

The Tablescape and Space

Decorating for this dinner party is made simple by keeping everything to shades of black and keeping with the Halloween theme by using some twigs from around your home and black material for a runner. Add a few decorations that aren't too far into the tacky realm by having a look through your local $2 store. I found a few black ravens and had a skull to add to the table. It all worked well and kept the theme simple but in line with all things dark and scary.

A simple black table runner, covered in lace created an easy space to add a Halloween inspired centrepiece. Menus are easily put together and make a party feel even more special.

I used twigs, a skull and a glass cloche from around my home. With a bit of

imagination you can make anything work for this theme!

The Food

Course One: Pre-Tasting Menu Nibbles

Antipasto Platter or Cheese Board Inspired by black ingredients. I used Squid Ink Salami,

Charcoal Wafers, Black Waxed Cheddar, Black Grapes, Balsamic Marinated Onions and Black Olives

amongst other delicious finds.

Course Two: Canapes

Course Three: Scallops

Course Four: Linguine

Course Five: Dessert Inspiration

The Drinks

Wine and Cocktails

Wine - All wine matches are included at the end of each of the linked recipe posts.

Cocktails - A punchy punch!

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