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Dinner Party Inspiration ~ Fresh Italian Winter Feast

This week's Dinner Party Inspiration was a pleasure to put together. I've had a serious case of post-holiday-blues since my recent return from Europe, and this was the perfect way to take me right back there... almost. Give it a go and bring a little bit of Italy into your own home.

Everything can be prepared in advance and doesn't take a lot of effort, or make much mess. Let's be real ~ THAT is the real bonus!

Invite friends around any night of the week for this simple and delicious Italian inspired winter feast that doesn't centre itself around a predictable pasta dish. I am absolutely certain they will love it and that you will enjoy putting a simple dinner party like this on for your beautiful friends too.

If you throw this dinner party and have a wonderful time doing so, share your photos with me on Facebook by posting them to my wall (Tipple and Fodder), or share on Instagram by tagging me @tippleandfodder in the image and using the tag #dinnerpartyinspo_tippleandfodder

The Inspiration


Brown paper runner with random candles and/or a jar, or bottles, of greens from your garden, or some simple flowers from the store. I've also used a platter or bowl and filled it with lemons, which looks lovely and is completely reusable.

I am completely obsessed with brown paper runners. Be prepared to see me use them as inspiration often. I bought a jumbo roll from Australia Post years ago and use it all the time. Tablescape inspiration through to present wrapping. It is my saviour!

Image via Pinterest


Main Course

Serve the main with a fresh ciabatta or sourdough in the middle of the table to share.



Stella Bella ~ Semillon Sauvignon Blanc (Stella Bella link). If you aren't lucky enough to get your hands on this lovely drop. Choose another similar white wine. The puttanesca, despite being a fish dish, will also work with a light nebbiolo. You definitely don't have to follow old fashioned rules of fish only matching a white wine... it isn't always the case, especially when the fish is in a tomato base. Be adventurous.

The Organisation

Before anything else; chill that wine!

Once that important step is organised, quickly throw together everything for the marinated mozzarella and olives and set aside in its serving dish to absorb flavours. While that's marinating put together your fish parcels and then sliced zucchini and set both items on a tray or two in the fridge, ready to go in the oven 20 minutes before you want to eat your main course. To make dessert simple for later, wash and cut strawberries, placing them in a bowl, cover and set aside, then mix together everything for their balsamic pepper marinade and store separately ready to mix together to macerate 5 minutes before serving dessert.

The Preparation

Click each links for recipes and relevant information below, or simply click the images above.


My Dinner Party Inspiration posts use some of my own recipes and photos, but also some recipes and images from blogs or sites I personally find inspirational. I in no way claim the work as my own and reference all recipes and photos by linking them all back to their original website.

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