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Arthur's Pizza Paddington

After a busy weekend Murray and I felt like going out for dinner together. We didn't feel like cooking, so why not end our weekend with a quiet dinner together? Nothing fancy, just somewhere comfortable with good food.

We didn't need to think for too long before knowing exactly where we'd be heading; Arthur's Pizza Paddington.

Arthur's Pizza Paddington. The upside-down sign!

Photo Credit: Arthur's PIzza

Arthur's Pizza Paddington opened in Oxford Street in 1974. It is a bit of an institution to those in the know and made waves in the initial pizza scene of Sydney, showing Australians the diversity of pizza toppings that were possible. You can't miss it either. The upside-down "Arthur's Pizza" sign is enough to send those of us with OCD into convulsions!

The sign itself is a piece of history though, with Arthur turning it around in the 90s to signify his support of all things alternative. Being in its position on Oxford St he wanted to show his restaurants' support and appreciation of the Mardi Gras and all alternative lifestyles abundant in the Paddington area. The sign was his way of communicating that, and it remains the same today.

A few months ago we'd popped in to Arthur's Pizza Paddington and loved it. Honestly, what's not to love? A wide range of pizzas, pastas, friendly staff, wine by the glass and all that without leaving a whopping hole in your pocket. Yes please. I'll take that!

After getting a park right outside on Oxford Street (there was so many on a Sunday night), we wandered in and were seated straight away. It really does feel like a comfy 'home-away-from-home' at Arthur's.

Looking over our menu, we had already decided to have pizza, so we chose to have a glass of the Garfish Shiraz, which is smooth and totally 'quaffable'. Thank god we only ordered a glass each, or I'd have hogged the entire bottle.

Arthur's pizzas are always fantastic. I love how thin and crispy the bases are and so the only problem was choosing which flavours we'd share!

We settled on the Mantova (No.9) and a Parma (No.16), which I always end up choosing because I'm a huge sucker for prosciutto pizzas topped with fresh rocket. While we were on a 'rocket binge' we decided to share a simple rocket and parmesan salad too, which also comes with cherry tomatoes through it. Delish!

Clockwise from top left: Rocket & Parmesan Salad, No 9. Pizza - Mantova (small), Garfish Shiraz and No. 16 Pizza - Parma (small)

The zoom in on the No. 16 Pizza - Parma. Yum!

Everything arrived to us quickly and disappeared almost just as fast. The pizzas were great with bases as fresh and crispy as always and generous tasty toppings on both of the flavours we'd picked.

They were so good that we devoured the lot and headed home with happy, full bellies and already planning the flavours we'll taste next time!

My scruffy date.

Arthur's Pizza Paddington is a great casual restaurant perfect for families, friends and birthdays - all of whom were there when we enjoyed our meal. It's relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff make you feel at home the second you step inside. Arthur's is one of those places that should become a regular for families and couples wanting to enjoy a relaxed meal out together while not costing a fortune. Their food is fantastic and always puts a smile on your face. We are definitely going to make it one of our regular eats.

Thanks Arthur's Pizza Paddington team, you're all lovely and we'll be back soon!

Make a booking or pop in today!

260 Oxford Street



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