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Blood orange, pomegranate & mixed berry gin punch

I love blood orange season. I have always loved berries. I adore pomegranates. I would never say no to a good punch. I also enjoy gin.

So, obviously, a refreshing punch made with pomegranate, berries and blood orange mineral water, finished with gin is going to be at the top of my ultimate adults only punch concoction.

I always use a drink dispenser for my cocktails and punches because they're gorgeous. It also means I also make rather giant batches of these delicious refreshments! I haven't heard any of my guests complain so far, so I guess it's received relatively well. You can pick glass drink dispensers up for a steal at the moment. They're everywhere from Kmart to Victoria's Basement, and come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and prices. I even saw a pineapple dispenser not ago... Anyone who knows me, knows THAT is 'dangerous' and will most likely end up featuring in my riculous array of party items at some point in the future.

The deep red of this punch worked perfectly for the 'Dinner from the Darkside'. Instead of sticking to my black theme, I ventured into the blood red side of things to add some contrast to the night... and also because I would much prefer this to the aniseed flavour of black sambucca!

The recipe for this punch is definitely a throw-together-taste-as-you-go method. It really is the only way to make a good punch. Add a little more gin, omit it completely, use vodka instead, the choice is yours. I think it would even be amazingly tasty to add a little tin of passionfruit pulp. Half the fun is in experimenting!


Chill all drinks before making the punch.


1.25L sparkling mineral water

1.25L blood orange mineral water

1 cup of gin (use a good quality gin)

1-2 cups frozen raspberries - these act like ice

1-2 blood oranges sliced, if in season

1/2 punnet of strawberries, topped and sliced

1 punnet of blueberries


Additional Ice


1. Pour all of the liquid ingredients and gin into the dispenser (or a punch bowl) and stir well.

2. Add all of the fruit and ice, if adding. Stir again and serve!

Entertaining couldn't be easiey than that - salut!

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