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Yellow, Potts Point (degustation)

Do you have a tradition focused on a food or wine experience for a special day in your lives? I love linking beautiful memories to food, wine, laughter and the people I love. It is one of my favourite things.

Each year for our wedding anniversary, Murray and I love to celebrate with a degustation. We look forward to hearing all about the food and wine we're about to enjoy from experts and in savouring every mouthful over a slow evening together. What flavours will we experience? How do the flavours work together? How does it work with the selected wine? Where is the wine from? What is special about the region?... absorbing all of that information and enjoying each others company. There really isn't much better than that.

As usual, we had spent days drooling over various menus, but had accidentally left it until the last minute to call through the list of our top possible dinner destinations to try our luck.

As fate would have it, we ended up with a table at Yellow on Macleay Street in Potts Point, and I was absolutely beside myself with excitement. I have heard so many great things about the wine list and food, and had been dreaming of going to Yellow for a long time. Too long.

Situated at 57 Macleay Street, just around the corner from Challis Avenue, sits Yellow. A rustic, inviting brick facade with warm light filters through the entrance, welcoming you inside. Upon arriving we were greeted by friendly waitstaff who wished us a happy anniversary and took us quickly to our seats. Walking up to, into and through Yellow I felt at home with the warm charm, buzz and ambience floating through the restaurant.

We were lucky enough to get a 7pm seating, meaning we didn't have to clear out for the second sitting. Time was on our side, and thank god for that because I wanted to spend as much time in this gorgeous restaurant as I could.

To start, we decided to enjoy a celebratory drink to begin our evening together. A glass of French Champagne for myself and a German Riesling for Murray. We made a toast to another year creating a wonderful life together and being fortunate enough to share it with people who love and care for us. We really are so very lucky.

The red quinoa and mushroom cracker definitely made us feel extra lucky for having made a booking with Yellow for the night. Thin, crisp and ultimately delicious. The perfect start. The perfect start followed by another perfect start; housemade sourdough and butter. Simple and moreish.

Course 1 - Spanish Mackerel, Sugar Snaps, Celtuce

Could there be a more perfect way to begin a degustation? I think not.

Balanced and classy, yet full of flavour and punch.

Yes. Just, yes.

I enjoyed this course with the Riesling, while Murray tasted the pleasures of a Chenin Blanc

and both were equally perfect.

A great knowledge of and passion for wine always makes these nights special. Our sommelier for the evening was wonderful. His knowledge made every course of the degustation a pleasure, while his thought in changing wine matches where necessary, so as not to repeat Murray's pre-dinner drink, was an unexpected yet fantastic addition to our experience. With the first course, of the Spanish Mackerel, Sugar Snaps, Celtuce I had the suggested German Riesling, while Murray had a Chenin Blanc. Both work perfectly with the fresh mackerel and were deliciously fresh.

Each of the wines was so good that we became 'those embarrassing wine nerds' googling them between sips and saving them for later... in case we forgot later, through our wine and food induced haze. A few of the wines we were served differed from the menu, but were fantastic.

We chose to have an additional palate cleanser between the beef course and dessert. It was fresh and to our surprise, we were served a glass of French champagne from the restaurant for our anniversary. Such a beautiful gesture, and yet another reason we fell in love with Yellow even more.

Course 2 - Chargrilled Asparagus, Fennel & Goats Cheese

Goats cheese, fennel and asparagus... what can I say? Spring on a plate in it's element.

My three most favourite garden flavours.

Served with a wine similar to a chardonnay, but not a chardoonay! I wish I could remember this little

deviation from the matching wine menu, but it escapes me.

Unfortunately it must have been prior to the wine 'googling' nerd-ery.

It is a 'shame' I'll have to return to try it again.

Course 3 - South Australian Calamari, Duck Tongue & Charred Corn

Who would have though calamari and duck tongue would work such magic together?


Served with a beautiful wine from the Beaujolais region of France that was so light and smooth

we'd have killed for a case immediately.

Course 4 - Rangers Valley Beef Flank, Zucchini & Mint

This was one of the most amazing pieces of beef we have EVER consumed.

Everything about it was perfect.

Served with a Tempranillo Granache by Ministry of Clouds.

The food was just as delicious as I'd imagined. Even more so. Each course was brought to us and explained before we had it dancing on our taste buds while we slowly drank our matching wines. The menu was great and took us on a journey with produce shining brightly in each meal. Fish, vegetables, goats cheese, squid ink, calamari, duck tongue, beef flank, cucumber, lychees and strawberries.

Extra Course - Lychee Sorbet, Toasted Almond & Cucumber Granita

Fresh, clean, complex flavours definitely cleansed the palate with

the help of some French 'Blanc de Blanc' bubbles.

Course 5 - Fermented Strawberries, Cream Cheese Ice Cream

This is one of the most amazing desserts I have eaten. It was tart, rich and just the right amount of 'sweet'.

Served with a drop of Hungarian Tokaji

Yellow is the perfect place for a special evening like the one we were celebrating, it is intimate and the staff are warm, making it the ultimate romantic space. At the same time though, the friendly buzz makes it ideal for dinner with a group of friends or for family get togethers. It is an all rounder. You really must put on your 'to do' list.

Everything was fresh, flavour packed and perfectly put together by the chefs. We loved each and every mouthful and can't wait to come again. We might even consider bringing some friends along next time... if they're lucky!

Cheers my love - we must come to Yellow again soon. xx


57 Macleay Street

Potts Point NSW

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